Biological Terrain

Good Medicine


The human body is 70% water and the brain is 90% water. Our bodies are made up of billions of cells. Surrounding these cells are fluids that nourish them and allow their waste to flow away. It is these fluids that comprise your Biological Terrain.

When cells are not adequately nourished or become dehydrated, they cannot rid themselves of their waste products. They will start to feed on the body itself, as well as damage the immune system. 

Because of a lack of good nutrition from enzyme-depleted processed foods inundated with chemicals, vegetables grown and treated with pesticides, food parasites, air pollutants, poorly made vitamin and herb products, etc., cells are often starving, even as our stomachs are full.

Additionally, the nature of water usually available to us has a surface tension too heavy to permeate the cells, leading to cellular and chronic dehydration. Wrinkles, dry skin, the body shriveling and getting smaller as we age are all signs of cellular dehydration. Cells when properly hydrated are “plump” and create muscle.

The average person’s Biological Terrain is an internal environment that is extremely attractive to viruses, fungi, yeast, molds, microbes and parasites. As these organisms flourish, they attack our immune systems and steal the nourishment from our foods and supplements. Medical science goes after these microbes, only to see them build up immunity to their medications.

Without changing the Biological Terrain to one supportive of the cells and inhospitable to destructive organisms, we can never get ahead of the curve of premature aging and degeneration.