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This is a dream.

All that is required of me

in this moment

is sustained, unaltered awareness.

This is the essence of sight,

where light and shadow become one.

Writing in the form of artistic expression is an engagement with life; it is understanding or "standing under," as a writer friend of mine put it, the interactive flow of life that is, at its core, internal. It is only an illusion that we stand outside of life as the observer, for life is one orchestration of many instruments. The cello is not separate from the violin; both are wavelengths of the same ocean in deep introspection. The living of life is always self-recognition – the whole seeing itself in parts. Each part a specific aspect of self-discovery. It is in the wonderment of that, by which writers are compelled to write. It is a deeply spiritual exercise, a meditation.

I guess you could say, it is the Rite of Writing.


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I am older than time

younger than death

wiser than words

dumber than truth

I am older than questions

crowding my mind

younger than answers

stretching beyond my reach

I am tired and weary

walking the barrens of belief

the wastelands of conjecture

and the deserts of assumption

Vineyard after vineyard

I’ve sought the grape of wisdom

but its wine of promise

turned always into vinegar

I am older than time

younger than death

wiser than words

dumber than Free!

Shades of Light

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The Rite of Writing


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Shades of Light
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