we carry as her legacy gifted to us and the world. The beauty of her form and spirit, the dignity of her nobility, the genuineness of her unconditional acceptance are what we draw from, when life confronts us with its harsh challenges.

To the very end of this sojourn, when her verbal expression was limited, the quintessential Lavonne remained as an energy of magnanimity that held us in its spell. And we remain spellbound, as she takes that walk in spirit, still showing us the way of a selfless life. And when our time comes, she and those ancestors who have gone before will sing to us:

“Come this way,

with summer’s rains

smelling of forest and sod

“Come this way,

with autumn’s breezes

fevering with gold and red

“Come this way,

with winter’s snows

freezing-white with reminiscence

“Come this way,

with spring’s blossoms

bursting of color and scents

“Come this way

like the river of a baby’s breath

flowing deeply, steadily

against the drumming of its mother’s heart

“Come this way…”