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All things being interdependent, healing must bring about balance in and between all parts. Healing must therefore be holistic. It must work toward achieving balance within a system, and balance between inter-related systems. Homeostasis in the health of human beings must be established in the body, mind and spirit.

As modern physics has joined with ancient viewpoints in establishing energy as the foundation of the universe, the beginning and ending point of holistic healing involves energetics. Energy must be adjusted, balanced, enhanced in the parts and the sum of parts of an organism or life form to heal it. The delivering of balancing energy from any number of sources: physical elements (food, herbs, pure water), touch (body work, Acupuncture), subtle particle-wave forms (light, sound, breath {prana, chi, ki}, electro-magnetism, etc.), mind-consciousness sources (meditation, contemplation, affirmation) is essential.

Health is balance, healing is restoring balance. "Medicine," as an energetic source, as a practice, must incorporate balance within its effect to bring about true healing.

Among Native Americans, "['medicine'] is about the sacred powers that... are the source of life, wisdom, and healing. They ARE medicine. The medicine is in us and around us.... we are all healers. When you touch someone with your eyes or your hands, you communicate who you are. If you honor the medicine, you inspire honor and wisdom in others." – Honoring the Medicine – Kenneth Cohen.

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The Paradigm of Holistic Healing

Perfect health is a state of optimum functionality, optimum balance, where a life form is operating at its fullest capacity and potential. It is not the absence of disease, but the presence of well-being.

Sickness is not disease, but the lack of wellness that causes or gives into disease. When we are sick, we are out of balance, below our potential. Before we "feel" sick, we are already systemically ill. When all parts of a whole are not well or harmonized in unity, there has been a breakdown in the integrity of the system maintaining it.

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