What is politics, but an extension of thought radiating out of one's spiritual awareness. It takes a revolution of consciousness inward for a transformative revolution outward. The road to enlightened society and governance is the inward road to higher spiritual awareness. It has always been a tough row to hoe. But it can only come from the inside out. That is the revolution we have to fight, to dig in and persevere for. Is it not? 

If we succumb to selective indifference out of outrage at others' insular capacity to give, what do we reflect in the world, but the same old afflictions that enslave them? Ahimsa (non-injury) applies even more so to thoughts and feelings than it does to outer restraint. There is war in the world outside because there is one raging inside. Is that not so?

The world we see is but a reflection of afflicted consciousness. We must get away from the notion that successful political revolution to a more egalitarian social order is rooted in subduing the opposition, or – if accomplished by that means – will be lasting. Only truth subdues and it can't be forced, only lacquered on with love — a tough love, however, that doesn't try to mollify or conciliate, but adheres to the truth.

And that requires the persistence of unstinting compassion and detachment. An inner grounding in peace. Until the war raging inside is extinguished, the removing of class distinctions, the redistribution of wealth will only exchange one form of materialism – however better — for another. And that is my point of contention with all political persuasions. Changing one kind of mental-emotional despotism for another does not make us free.

For me, standing with any political or social entity is not an exercise of group loyalty, an unremitting pledge to toe the group line. It is a matter of where my consciousness takes me on my journeys through the spiritual plane of truth, and who arrives at the same place(s).

Carl Hitchens

Peace and Politics

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