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The art and the experience of poetry—the seeming contradictions that aren’t contradictions, but the blending of consciousness with an identity that witnesses but does not exist. Muse is self-recognition canceling out the self, leaving the traces of disappearance as echoes beyond hearing.

There you were…

riding the air currents

capturing the sun

on your underbody of yellow iridescence,

medicine wheel on each wing

giving a measure of my life to be.

You a Silent One

diviner of a future bequeathed

by my own imagination

You, prophesier of a new and wondrous cycle,

hanging on a trapeze of air,

you speak to my heavy mood

and fill me with the promise

of dreams born into reality.

Suspended above

split hair beyond my reach,

hovering on foils of feathered majesty,

you pierce the veil of time

open my vision

to the grandeur to come.

Shades of Light, © Carl Hitchens 2013

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