Stem Cell Renewal


Maintaining Optimal Health

Maintaining optimal health is a balance between entropy and renewal:

  1. Entropy – The tendency for all matter and energy, when left alone, to break down, disorganize and

                   dissipate unless an outside force is applied. [This same tendency applies to your physical


Renewal – The ability of the body to rebuild and renew.

If entropy exceeds the rate of renewal, your body will go down and experience:

• Un-wellness

• Fatigue

• Unhappiness

If renewal accedes the rate of entropy, your body has the chance to regain and maintain optimal health.

A growing consensus among stem cell researchers world-wide is that adult stem cells are the body’s natural renewal system. Stem cells are “Master” cells that have the ability to duplicate endlessly, and when reaching an organ and tissue, have the ability to become cells of that tissue.

To alleviate any confusion of what is meant by “adult stem cells,” it would be good to define the two types of stem cells:

Embryonic Stem Cells – Found in the inner cell mass of the blastula (an early stage embryo).

  1. Extracted from the young embryo (about 2 wks old called the blastula. Will divide endlessly if you put them in a test tube or feeder layer, and can become virtually any cell type. Very easy to push them to divide and become another cell type in the test tube.

Adult Stem Cells – Stem cells found in various tissues and organs after someone is born.

  1. Present in the bone marrow and other tissues of the body, and can divide endlessly in the body, but are difficult to push into dividing and becoming other types of cells.

Adult stem cells are produced in our own bodies, as a natural function of our physiology. A growing consensus among stem cell researchers today is that adult stem cells represent the body’s own natural renewal system.

According to the:

New England Journal of Medicine

September 8, 2005

“The level of CD34+ [Stem Cells] is one of the best predictors of cardiovascular health. The higher the number of circulating DC34+ cells, the greater the cardiovascular health.”

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