The Wellness Industry is involved with the condition of wellness.

Wellnessis the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Therefore, wellness relates to what you do to maintain optimum health: diet, lifestyle, occupation, etc.

Wellness is the opposite of sickness.  As a concept, the focus is on preventing illness and staying vital, strong, and fully engaged in life.

The Health Care Industry (sickness care) is involved with the condition of sickness.

Sickness – is the state or condition of being ill, that is to say, having substandard or poor health. Therefore, sickness relates to what you do to return to good health.

Sickness is the opposite of wellness. The focus is on treatment and intervention. It is what is done after the fact to be free of sickness. From there, wellness must be attended to, in order to reach and maintain optimum health.

Maintaining optimal health is a balance between entropy and renewal:

  1. Entropy – The tendency for all matter and energy, when left alone, to break down, disorganize and

                   dissipate unless an outside force is applied. [This same tendency applies to your physical


Renewal – The ability of the body to rebuild and renew.

If entropy exceeds the rate of renewal, your body will go down and experience:

• Un-wellness

• Fatigue

• Unhappiness

If renewal accedes the rate of entropy, your body has the chance to regain and maintain optimal health.

A growing consensus among stem cell researchers world-wide is that adult stem cells are the body’s natural renewal system. Stem cells are “Master” cells that have the ability to duplicate endlessly, and when reaching an organ and tissue, have the ability to become cells of that tissue.

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