Trump's Incited Coup Attempt

Thursday, January 7, 2021 10:00 AM

Thousands of Trump seditionists showed up at the National Capitol in D.C. on Wednesday to riot and break into the hallowed symbolic edifice of American Democracy. His ensorcelled rabble looking to “make America great again," by overturning the American experiment in government of the people, by the people, for the people; to keep a renegade president in power. They’ve thrown their lot in with this deranged, power mongering psychopath to elevate their own delusions of absolute power over all those they deem unworthy. They wave the American Flag and wrap theirselves in all manner of its facsimiles for self-anointment as true Americans. When in fact, they are the epitome of traitors to all it stands for.

With a dozen senator sycophants seeking Trump's favor, by hanging their career stars on his base of weirdo conspiracy theorists, white supremcists, and belief cultists; by circulating their intent not to certify the election of President-Elect Biden last night, the die was cast for yesterday's craziness. Thus, putting into question the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next. The beleaguered Senate did finally certify Biden’s victory in the wee hours of Thursday morning (3:32 a.m.).

As for law enforcement response, poor strategic planning or execution seemed evident. Since the D.C. mayor is not authorized to call up the D.C. National Guard, the Federal government should have done so, in the person of various agency heads responsible for protecting the Union. They should have called on the governor of Virginia to deploy the Va National Guard in unison with the D.C. Guard to establish a perimeter for crowd control Tuesday night. Absent of that, law enforcement units responding to reinforce units on the scene Wednesday were delayed by the log jam of insurrectionist crowds and their parked vehicles. The Capitol Police exacerbated the situation by failing to recognize the ground situation sooner. This was a total security failure that put lives in danger. An unfathomable disaster that needs investigation. Whether a failure by incompetence or complicity… That’s the question that begs an answer.

— Carl