Time Travel

Sunday, January 30, 2022 9:25 AM

The fighting spirit of Unnacokasimon, a Seventeenth Century Nanticoke Indian chief meets the fighting spirit of Twentieth Century Ho Chi Minh. And in the breaking waves of colliding spacetimes, a trial testing the steel of personified warrior grit is set into motion.

Such warrior spirit comes by way of a journey of consciousness. One described often as the Hero’s Journey. All hero journeys begin alike: A baby’s crying response of disorientation in exiting its mother’s protective biosphere into the greater biosphere of Mother Earth. Facing the unknown, the baby vocalizes its fear and simultaneous defiance. He or she will “not go gentle into that good night.“ (Dylan Thomas)

Every collective group of human beings is a tribe of a sort, whether a nuclear family, extended family or nation. These tribes have their hero stories, planted like seeds for imitation in a child’s mind and heart. Such stories become trees anchoring a people to the land and sky of their being. Tales of bravery and unwavering devotion that transport them back and forth in time, to preserve their way of life. An identifying selfhood of who they are now and into the future. 

Walk with me…