Make America Land of the Free

Sunday, November 26, 2023 3:06 PM

Enough Already!

Clamoring for a third-party candidate or not voting are we? Seriously!

What drug have you turned on, tuned in, and dropped out to? You claim a state of disillusionment over status quo choices. Disillusionment! More like Non compos mentis, considering the reality that faces us.

Biden or Irump ... You can t sort this out to see, feel, hear, touch or taste the destruction of democracy waiting in the winds of a Trump presidency?! Evil autocratic despotism is crashing against the the door of your freedom, equality, and justice. Don't be a one trick pony with pet peaves that don't deprive you of your basic human rights: equal justice, the right to vote, the right of women to have ownership of their bodies without harassment, threats or intimidation; equal protection under the law, regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender, and any spiritual practice that supports the legitimate rights of all unconditionally.

I'll be 77 yrs. old in two months and 27 days. I've survived prejudice, segregation, second-class citizenship, and combat in Vietnam.

"Welcome to the real world, Neo ..." The MAGA machines are coming. I and my ilk have earned a vacation, yet we still we fight on. Gen Zers use your power of youth, not arrogently but with respect to those generations whose shoulders you stand on. We get you. We've been there and have suffered the loss and gains of fighting political intrigue and criminality. We've learned never to surrender to the forces of prejudice and ignorance. But we've also learned to wage a battle of measured and tactical response in this war against tyranny. WE SHALL OVERCOME!