Liberalism in the USA

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 9:36 AM

Liberalism in the United States is based on concepts of unalienable rights of the individual. The fundamental liberal ideals of freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the separation of church and state, the right to due process, and equality before the law are widely accepted as a common foundation of liberalism.

We live on Kikun Ahkiyii (Our Earth Mother). According to Nanticoke tradition, the rhythm of the heartbeat of our Earth Mother sings out her song to all living beings. This heartbeat is like a drumbeat.

I hear no such drumming through today's autocratic, so-called Republican Party, freelancing Christian Nationalists, and/or Trumpers of all persuasions.

It's binary. If you want to have a country that is recognizable to the one described in the preamble of the Constitution, you must vote, and you must vote for Biden. Despite the personal contradictions of the founders (slave ownership), it is not about party affiliation or religious hegemony. It's about moral consciousness and moral equity.

Earth Mother's wumooshunapiyih (heartbeat) is carried to us by our mother and father, then grandparents and elders as a self-defining rhythm that joins us to the way of the drum, which sings out to Kiisheelumukweengw the One who creates through thought).

This is the web of life that joins all living beings. Those who are deaf and unfeeling to this heartbeat and who enjoin together culturally and politically to deny equal rights and power-sharing serve tyranny, not "We the People."

- Eelaankoomakilk (All my relations/Family)!