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To Educators, Historians, History buffs and Mental Health Practitioners:

More than story, more than memoir: Sitting with Warrior is an authentic peep inside the combat mind experience of those who go to war. It looks at war and warrior-ship in the full circle of cultural and nationalistic themes, and social, psychological, and spiritual forces that form and shape those going and returning from lethal combat. It is therefore relevant to any historical treatment of war and its effects from readjustment challenges, to interrelationship struggles to PTSD to spiritual healing.

For years I journaled about my war (Vietnam), as I moved on with my life. Finally, I published my own recording of the Vietnam War, my survival, readjustment, and, most important, spiritual evolution for which Nam was a catalyst.

In writing the book, I found a deeper understanding of myself and, surprisingly, a doorway into the psyche of those who fought and died, and that of the divided nation from which we came. While I started off (I thought) writing in my singular voice of experience, I discovered that I was to some extent writing in the collective voice of all combatants of war down through the ages. Along the way, I retrieved the part of myself left behind in the jungle and mountain terrain. This part was personified in the "young kid" who had come with me to Vietnam.

“He was iconic reverence solidified into a seminal germ of fermentation, leavening the noble warrior out of my blood and flesh. The kid was a part of me sprung from the impressionistic waters of youthful worship.” [Excerpt From: Carl Hitchens. “Sitting with Warrior.” Apple Books.]