Halac'quow Ewapaw'gup Allappah'wee

(Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)

Nanticoke (symbolizing):

“We were here in the past,

We are here now,

and We will be here in the future.”


From the Four Directions, impressions come into our awareness. Depending on the vitality of the winds that carry them, they may or may not become rooted in our consciousness.

Those that sink a taproot into the soil of our perceptions become the drum talk of our realizations. Our truth that speaks first to us, and then in turn, we speak it to others.

We drum out our sense of life and our place within it into the world and universe – for better or worse.

This is my drum talk. May it not be empty in the fullness of ego and self-conceit. May it be a humble offering of life in its true flavor.

Carl Hitchens


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